miscellany monday

{one} computer virus.  my computer crashed last monday and i didn’t have access to it for the whole week.  it is the worst feeling in the world when you realize that you have lost everything….pictures, documents, and tons of music.  so here’s what happened.  i was surfing the net and a window popped up that said that my system had a virus.  it said that if i wanted to get rid of the virus then download the spyware software.  the pop up looked like it was from microsoft, but it wasn’t…it was some kind of malware. as soon as i hit the button, my whole system was corrupted and my computer wouldn’t even start up. i didn’t think that my computer would ever work again, but the great people at dell helped me out.  the dell technicians helped me reimage my computer and i’m back in business.  i wish i had recovered my old documents, but I’m happy I have a computer again.   

{two} i heart my family.  i have the best family ever.  i'm so grateful that my father’s side of the family found me and my sisters almost 4 years ago.  it’s pretty amazing how close we are now in such a short time period…i can’t imagine my life without any of them.

{three} foolishness.  the older that i get, the more i realize that i don’t have time for foolishness.  i that pretty much sums it up.

{four} cooking. i love to cook, but i’ve been feeling very lazy lately.  i told myself that i would post some of my favorite recipes, but i haven’t done it yet.  so next week i will try to post at least one tasty treat.   

{five} shopping addiction.  i have a major shopping addiction and lately it has been out of control.  my vice? one word - anthropologie.  i love everything about this store…the clothes, the accessories, the home goods.  i’m going to start limiting how many times i can go into the store within a week and then within a month.

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