Moody Style: Motivation

Hi everyone!  I hope that you all are having a great week so far.  I’ve been keeping busy with the new job and watching the Olympics.  I’ve been captivated by all of the Olympic athletes over the past four days and I’m astounded by their all of their achievements.  Every singe one of them has an amazing story that brought them to London and they are all highly motivated.  So, I started to think about my motivation and what keeps me going every day.  I’m sure that like most of you it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated every second of every day, but I’m going to share a few of my 5 simple tips that keep me going when I have a goal set in place. 

1. Set One Goal at a Time – I find that when I set too many goals at once, then I get overwhelmed. The end result is that I don’t focus on each goal with as much intensity as I should.  So, I set a limit and start small.
2. Find Inspiration and Post It – I know that it may sound silly, but creating an inspiration board for myself is a helpful reminder of what I want to achieve.  If I don’t have time to create a board then I at least write it down and post it on my fridge or on a mirror.  It’s good to have a daily reminder of the goal.
3. Share the Goal – I think that it’s important to let others know what you’re trying to achieve for two reasons - to help hold you accountable and also to gain support. When I trained for my half marathon earlier this year, my family and friends all knew what I was up against and they supported me 100% percent.  It’s a great feeling to have all of that support and love behind you when you accomplish the goal. 
4. Set a Date – It’s a simple step that often gets overlooked, but it’s a must.  Adding an end date to a calendar or creating a system to check on your progress will help build anticipation and add some finality to the goal.
5. Don’t Give Up – If you miss a day, a week or even a month, then readjust your plans and get motivated again.  There’s always an ebb and flow with just about everything that we do, so keep moving forward.

{Shirt: Anthropologie Draped Snail Tank;
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft Marisa Trouser Leg Pants;
Earrings: Anthropologie Small Change Earrings;
Ring: Banana Republic Turquoise Sunset;
Shoes: Gianni Bini Thong Sandals (old)}
What keeps you motivated? Do you have any tips that will keep you from falling into a slump? Have you been watching the Olympics?  Are you inspired by any particular athlete to try something new? Let me know in the comments!

Fresh Picks to Follow – Team USA 2012

I’m so excited for the Olympics to finally get underway.  I’m especially looking forward to seeing the opening ceremonies tonight and having the chance to root for my favorite Olympic Teams.  Ever since I was a little girl I’ve always rooted for the U.S. Gymnastics team.  Despite the fact that I couldn’t master a basic back handspring, I convinced myself at a young age that I was going to be the next Nadia Com─âneci.  Of course that dream was short lived considering I never took a gymnastics class.  As I got older and wiser, I realized that there were a lot more sports and talented athletes in the world that I needed to explore.  In high school, I joined the track team and my swim team, so naturally I became very fond of both the U.S. Track and Field Team and the U.S. Swim Team.  Over the next 17 days I’m going to pay close attention to my top 3 favorite sports.   I have a feeling that these U.S. athletes are going to dominate the London games. For this week’s Fresh Pick to Follow, here are my top 10 clothes and accessories to show your support the members Team USA during the 2012 Summer Olympics.  What do you love most about the Olympics and how much will you watch? Let me know in the comments!

1. Top Shop – Olympic Cupcake Set…$20.00
2. Ralph Lauren - Team USA Twill Tote…$165.00
3. Ralph Lauren - Team USA Beach Towel…$60.00
5. Gap - Olympic Vintage Tank…$24.95
6. Ralph Lauren - Team USA Flip-Flop…$29.00
7. Old Navy - Women's Team USA® Tanks…$17.50
9. Nike Team USA 2012 - Olympics Women's Classic 5 Ring Full Zip Hoodie…$59.99
10. Red Bubble – Keep Calm at the Olympics T-Shirt…$24.54

Oh and check out this hilarious video below of the USA Olympic Swim Team lip-syncing Carly Rae Jepsen’s summer smash - Call Me Maybe.  It makes me want to root for this team even more! 

xoxo Natasha

Moody Style: Oldie But Goodie

Hi everyone! I’m sorry that it’s been a little quiet over here on my blog, but I’ve been a little busy.  As some of you know, I started a new job this week, so I’m just getting use to everything – the new schedule, a ton of information and all the new people.  All I can say is that there is a drastic difference between working for the state and working for a large corporation.  So far, I welcome the change.  I’m also looking forward to the next few weeks because I’ll be in training until I get my first assignment.  That alone makes me very happy. I love the simple fact that there is a training period.  Go figure! 

I forgot to take a picture of my outfit on my first day, but here’s a little something that I wore yesterday.  I found this dress hidden way in the back of my closet.  I think that I’ve had this dress for about 5 years now and for some reason I never really wore it.  However, once I put the dress on my body yesterday, I nearly kicked myself for not wearing it sooner.  Now I’m wishing that I bought it in brighter colors.  It’s a perfect go-to dress for the summer.  Do any of you have a dress or an outfit that you gravitate towards when you can’t find anything to wear?  Have any of you found an oldie but goodie in your closet that you’ve forgotten all about and now you’re getting tons of compliments? Let me know.

{Dress: J.Crew Pique Polo Dress (old);
Scarf: Coach Oblong Scarf (old);
Earrings: gifted; Necklace: Ann Taylor (old);
Ring: Banana Republic Turquoise Sunset Ring;
Shoes: Chinese Laundry Beaded Sandals (old)}

Shabby Apple Winner

Thanks to everyone who participated in my Shabby Apple giveaway! Also thanks to Shabby Apple for the opportunity to host this contest.

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Congratulations Randi S.!!!  You are the winner of the $50.00 Shabby Apple Gift Card.  I just sent you an email regarding the gift card. 


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xoxo Natasha

In the Mood: Flower Lattice Necklace

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I don’t know about you all, but I am swooning over all of the jewelry from J.Crew right now.  Some of my favorites include the Bubble Necklace and Desert Bloom Necklace.  But the necklace that I have been craving is the Flower Lattice Necklace.  This beautiful necklace is the perfect statement piece for both day and night.  It comes in two different colors – neon peach and multi color – and I can’t decide which one I love more.  I’ve been obsessing over this necklace for a couple of months now, but I just can’t justify paying the $228.00 price tag at this time.  I’ll just wait until it goes on sale and pray that there will be a few of them left for me to buy.  Something tells me that I’m not alone out here.  Have you check out this necklace in person?  What do you think?  Have any of you brought this flower power home yet?  Let me know.

Fresh Picks to Follow – Swimsuits 2012

Don’t forget to enter the $50 Shabby Apple Giveaway.

The other day I was thinking about my summer plans so far and I’m pretty annoyed that I haven’t done anything yet.  It also dawned on me that I haven’t even put on a bathing suit this year.  Despite me living in Florida and having access to a few pools and beaches, I just haven’t had time to take a dip.  I’ve been checking out some bathing suits lately and I’m inspired to find one and take it for a spin.  Hopefully, I’ll be able to go swimming within the next month.  That’s at least one my short-term goals for this summer.  Is there anything that you have planned for the summer that you haven’t been able to do yet? For this week’s Fresh Pick to Follow, here are my top 10 swimsuits for summer 2012.  Did any of you buy a new swimsuit this summer?  If so, I’d love to know what you bought - let me know!

1. Victoria Secret - Very Sexy® Draped Push-Up Halter Top and Bikini Bottom…$42.00 and $25.50
2. Norma Kamali - Bill Halterneck Swimsuit…$350.00
3. Trina Turk - 'Cherry Blossoms' Bikini Top & Bottom…$58.90 and $50.90
4. Coach – Print Bikini…$148.00
6. J.Crew - Off-The-Shoulder Tank…$118.00
7. J.Crew - Anchors Aweigh Underwire Top and Belted Hipster…$62.00 and $58.00
8. Basta Surf - Tallows Pleated Top & Bottom Bikini…$119.99
9. Vix - Odette Bia Tube Top & Bottom Bikini…$92.00 and $92.00
10.  Marc By Marc Jacobs - 'Field Stripe' Bikini Top & Bottoms…$87.00 and $89.00
xoxo Natasha

Moody Style: No Gap or Break

Don’t forget to enter the $50 Shabby Apple Giveaway.

I’m pretty excited today because I only have one more day left at my current job.  It’s been very difficult to muster up the energy to wake up to go to work this week, but I did it.  As much as it pained me when the alarm went off each morning and as much as I would have liked to have some time off before the new job.  I’ve been working diligently each day. Unfortunately for me, I don’t have any gap between jobs because I start the new gig on Monday.  I know right - What gives?  And what stinks is that despite the fact that I’m leaving the office on Friday, I’ve been doing just as much work as before I turned in my notice.  It’s been  very frustrating.  I hoped that since I’ve even been training my replacement for the past two weeks that my last couple of days would be pretty slow.  However, I’ve apparently been in la la land.  After 2 ½ years, you would think I would have gotten picture by now.   Anyways, I have few things to do in the morning before I can pack up all my things and leave the office for good.   And, I can’t wait.  Have any of you left one job to pursue another opportunity?  Did any you have a gap in between or have a chance to take a break?  Let me know.

{Jacket: Gap Striped Two-Button Blazer;
Tank: Banana Republic Timeless Tank;
Pants: Ann Taylor Loft Marisa Trouser Leg Pants;
Earrings: Anthropologie Petite Daisy Posts;
Bracelet: Coach Legacy Bangle; Shoes: Gianni Bini (old)}

Shabby Apple Giveaway

I’m sure that you all have seen Shabby Apple giveaways floating around on various blogs.  And if you haven’t snagged a gift card yet, here’s another opportunity for you to win.  The wonderful folks over at Shabby Apple has graciously offered to give one lucky reader a $50 gift card to Shabby Apple.  Shabby Apple has a beautiful collection of vintage inspired dresses, skirts, tops, and even swimwear.  There is so much to choose from, but I’ve managed to narrow my favorites down to the four items pictured here.

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a Rafflecopter giveaway                             
xoxo Natasha

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