What Were They Thinking….?

Every now and then there are a few items on Anthropologie’s website that make you want to scratch your head and say what were they thinking.  I’ve posted some items that struck me as a little odd and in some instances the prices were just unbelievable.  I’m not making fun of these items, but I just thought it would be fun to share them with everyone.  And who knows maybe one day (if we are lucky) these pricey items will get marked down with some deep discounts.  Let me know if you have found any other Anthro items that made you do a double take...Enjoy!

Chrysanthemum Crown Headband…$218.00

I’m not sure I would ever pay over $200.00 for a headband, but I’m sure that there are some women out there that would.  I love the look of the headband and I think it would be a great statement piece.  However, the price will have to come down a few times before I would consider buying this one.

Shrewd Stitches Stole…$238.00

This fox-friendly scarf seems like a great concept, but personally it’s not for me.  From what I can tell this hand-knit wool scarf is well made and made with quality wool. 

Bird's Eye View Earrings…$268.00

When I first saw the picture of these earrings I didn’t understand why they were priced at $268.00.  However, after reading the description I learned that these unique baubles are silk-wrapped freshwater pearls.  Who would have ever known these were pearls?

Urbanity Strand…$348.00

I’m not sure what’s going on with this necklace.  This is a bib style necklace with various stones, ribbon and chains.  I would not considering purchasing this necklace - no matter how low the price came down.  It’s just not my style. 

Look Sharp Corset Belt…498.00

At first I thought that the price listed for the belt was a typo.  I have to say this belt does look sharp, but I don’t know if it’s $500s sharp.  This belt would be a nice addition to anyone’s wardrobe.  It won’t be in my wardrobe anytime soon, unless it went on a major sale. 

Encrusted Sea Cuff…$498.00

This a beautiful cuff full of shells, coral branches, freshwater pearls and glittering stones.  This is truly a one-of-a-kind piece of art.  This cuff comes in four different colors – pink, black, white and blue.  The designer, Emily Miranda, was inspired by her favorite painting, Giuseppe Arcimboldo's Water (see here for the painting).  I personally couldn’t afford this piece, but this would be a great addition for any collector. 

Uncovered Quartz Jewelry Box…$550.00

Here is another beautiful piece that I would love to have if the price was right.   This is a one compartment jewelry box that is made of leather and natural stones.  I imagine that this jewelry box is pretty heavy because of all of the stones.  I would love to see this one in person.

Tiny Windows

I was so happy to purchase this dress last month because it only cost me $29.95.  I was lucky to have this one popback up on my wishlist.  I didn’t think that I would be able to wear it until spring, but the weather in Florida is so unpredictable.  I wore this dress this past Tuesday when the weather was a balmy 90 degrees and very humid.  I paired it with a dark brown woven belt and dark brown little pumps.  I’m hoping to find a cognac belt and heels to wear with this next time.  Have you ladies found ways to incorporate this little number into your fall wardrobe?  If so, let me know. 

Anthropologie – Tiny Windows Dress (June ‘10)
Ann Taylor – Cardigan (super old) (buy similar here)
Banana Republic Factory Store – Woven Belt (buy similar here)
Ann Taylor – Dark Brown Pumps (really old)

Fresh Picks to Follow: Orange

With Halloween quickly approaching, I thought that it would be fitting for my last Fresh Picks to Follow for the month of October to focus on orange colored products.  The color orange is powerful and eccentric.  This color will always stand out through any crowd, because the optimism and creativity that this color releases shines easily from across the room. Setting the right mood in a heartbeat, orange is a great color to wear on your worst’ll inevitably feel much better. Please check out my ORANGE inspirations for the Halloween season.  Enjoy!

1.  Anthropologie – Fruiteria Lamp…$298.00
2.  Anthropologie – Lady Chatterley’s Lover Book…$20.00
3.  Anthropologie – Fruit Cooler Necklace…$38.00
4.  J. Crew - Double-Cloth Colletta Coat…$298.00
5.  Banana Republic - Italian Spun Pointelle Cardigan…$79.50
6.  Anthropologie – Beaded Eglantine Cardigan…$128.00
7.  Anthropologie – Wriggly Wrap…$98.00
8.  J. Crew - Lugano Leather Suitcase…$1800.00
9. Anthropologie – Jacinth Sweaterdress…$148.00
10.  Anthropologie – Wise Ol’ Cookie Jar…$128.00

Free Shipping at Anthropologie is Back!

Hi ladies...Happy Friday!  I'm so happy to share this news with you all.  I just checked my email and found out that free shipping is finally back at Anthropologie.  And it's perfect timing too...because I planned on getting a few things this weekend.  
Anthropologie is offering complimentary standard shipping for Anthro members only.  To take advantage of this offer, you have to link your Anthro ID number to an account.  And the free shipping applies to all orders over $150.00.  This offer starts today and expires on December 23, 2010.  If you are interested in setting up an Anthro ID number, you can set it up here.

Chasing Amarena

Hi lovelies! I hope that you had a great weekend.  I know I did.  I spent some time shopping with my friends at the factory outlet stores and I also went to Georgia to visit my boyfriend.  I hated to come back to town and I certainly didn't want to go to work this morning, but such is life.  Last week, I was inspired by Anjali to pull out my Amarena Sweater Dress.  I randomly found this dress one day in June, but it was too hot to wear until now.  I'm sorry that the picture quality isn't the best.

Anthropologie Amarena Sweater Dress
Anthropologie Chasing Wake Belt
Ann Taylor Cardigan (pretty old) (buy similar here)
Ann Taylor Necklace (pretty old)

I'm hoping that there are some really good markdowns tomorrow...fingers crossed.  Also, stay tuned for some reviews of new and sale merchandise that I tried on last week.  As I posted previously, I didn't have access to my computer. 

miscellany monday

{one} computer virus.  my computer crashed last monday and i didn’t have access to it for the whole week.  it is the worst feeling in the world when you realize that you have lost everything….pictures, documents, and tons of music.  so here’s what happened.  i was surfing the net and a window popped up that said that my system had a virus.  it said that if i wanted to get rid of the virus then download the spyware software.  the pop up looked like it was from microsoft, but it wasn’t…it was some kind of malware. as soon as i hit the button, my whole system was corrupted and my computer wouldn’t even start up. i didn’t think that my computer would ever work again, but the great people at dell helped me out.  the dell technicians helped me reimage my computer and i’m back in business.  i wish i had recovered my old documents, but I’m happy I have a computer again.   

{two} i heart my family.  i have the best family ever.  i'm so grateful that my father’s side of the family found me and my sisters almost 4 years ago.  it’s pretty amazing how close we are now in such a short time period…i can’t imagine my life without any of them.

{three} foolishness.  the older that i get, the more i realize that i don’t have time for foolishness.  i that pretty much sums it up.

{four} cooking. i love to cook, but i’ve been feeling very lazy lately.  i told myself that i would post some of my favorite recipes, but i haven’t done it yet.  so next week i will try to post at least one tasty treat.   

{five} shopping addiction.  i have a major shopping addiction and lately it has been out of control.  my vice? one word - anthropologie.  i love everything about this store…the clothes, the accessories, the home goods.  i’m going to start limiting how many times i can go into the store within a week and then within a month.

i’ve added my ramblings to carissa's miscellany monday party ! grab a button and link up below.

Fresh Picks to Follow: Animal Prints

The 2010 fall fashion season has brought a variety of stylish trends together once again, one of which is the animal print trend.  This trend always manages to make a come back each year.  However, 2009-2010 has a more refined/elegant style and this trend is moving towards seasonless fashion.  A word of caution to you ladies - working with animal prints is not easy.  There is a fine line between classy and trashy.  Be sure to wear one or two pieces of clothing or accessories in the animal print and keep the rest of the outfit simple.  The safest way to wear animal prints is sparingly.  To look fabulous this fall, get inspired and make one of the animal prints below a part of your fall wardrobe. 

Zebra Prints: The zebra print is a fabulous look as it creates a stylish black and white color combination which could spice up any elegant outfit. Black and white are two of the most dominant fall colors as they are timeless and suitable for all type of events.

Leopard Prints: The leopard print can spice up any outfit while giving you a sensual and powerful look.  Fashion designers have used the traditional brown and black coloration as well as mixed various colors with the leopard print.  If didn’t want to purchase any leopard clothing, then you may want to consider buying some leopard accessories, such as belts, shoes, handbags or leggings/tights.  Accessories are a great way not to go overboard with the leopard print.

Snakeskin Prints:  Snakeskin prints colored naturally falls right in line with the fall 2010 fashion trend.  The snakeskin print is luxurious and mysterious look that can enhance any outfit. 

Below are my top 10 picks of animal prints for the fall 2010 season:

1. Anthropologie - City Grassland V-Neck…$78.00

2. Ann Taylor - Animal Leopard Straight Skirt…$118.00

3. Anthropologie - Wildest Dreams Top…$98.00

4. Anthropologie - Bow-a Constrictor Bibi…$78.00

5. BCBG - Leopard-Print Cardigan…$158.00

6. The Limited - Printed Corner Pocket Tube…$89.90

7. Banana Republic - Samie Animal Print Ballet Flat…$98.00
8. Ann Taylor - Classic Animal Print Scarf…$58.00

9. Cachè - Sequin Zebra Top…$58.00

10. American Eagle – Faux Fur Leopard Coat…$99.50

An Amazing Anthropologie Giveaway

Hi ladies.  I have some great news about a new Anthropologie giveaway.  Please check out Goldenmeans for a chance to win Anjali's 2-year blogging anniversary contest.  There are three (3) chances to win.  The first prize is a $200 Anthropologie gift certificate, and two runners up will each receive a $100 Anthropologie gift certificate.  Simply amazing!

Anthropologie Review - Dresses

Happy Sunday ladies!  I hope that you all are having a great weekend.  I don’t know about you all, but I’m very happy that Anthro didn’t have a major sale last week.  I really have to start cutting back on my spending each month – it’s gotten a little out of control.  But, even though I’m glad there wasn’t a sale last week, I am looking forward to seeing what’s in store for us this week. 

Here are my reviews of a few dresses that I tried on this past week.  Hopefully, one of these beauties will get marked down very soon!

1. Vestiges Dress $148.00
I love, love, love this dress.  I’ve been eyeing this one for some time now, but never got a chance to try it on.  This dress debuted sometime this summer, but it transitions perfectly into the fall season.  Another thing that I love about this dress is that it is totally work appropriate.  I work in a pretty conservative office and this one would pass my office’s strict dress code policy.  The colors in the top are bright and vibrant - orange, pink and brown - just perfect.  The dress has a belted waist that ties in with the navy bottom of the dress.  This dress fit me perfectly in the size 4.  I imagine that if you are bigger on top that you may have to go up a size in the dress.  I plan to buy this dress soon, before it’s sold out.

This is a classic and versatile shirtdress from Fei.  I was happy to find out that it is true to size.  This dress is pretty basic, but you can wear it with so many accessories (tights, boots, belt, heels, and a cute tank or top underneath).  I decided to add the Meridian Gate Belt with the dress.  The red belt was a great contrast to the navy corduroy fabric.  The material in this dress is just right - so you can wear it on a cool fall day and well into the winter season.  I plan to buy this dress as soon as it gets marked down.  I just can’t pay the full price.

3. Lucerna Dress $128.00
Ladies it’s time to put your little black dress on hold for the season and pick up this little red dress.  I initially went up a size and tried on a medium in this dress.  I was afraid that the small would be too clingy, but the small worked out just perfect for me.  The lightweight jersey material is heavy enough to hide any bulges or undergarment lines.  The red color really works for the fall season.  You can dress this dress up or down and this would be great with heels or some sexy boots.

4. Snowy Egret Shift $168.00
I didn’t know if I would like this dress when I first saw it.  The model looked great in it in the catalog and the print of the dress is gorgeous.  I was pleasantly surprised when I tried this dress on.  I really liked it.  The pattern is so beautiful and unique and cut of the dress is different, but it works for some people.  The obi belt is in a muted orange color that holds well when it’s tied.  The bottom half of the dress is a little narrow.  I tried on a size 4 and it was a little snug around my hips, but a 6 would have been too big on the top.  I figure that I could put on some spanx and that may solve the hip issue.  This may be a pass for me. 

I was pretty sad after I tried on this dress.  I really liked it on the hanger and it even fit me well, except for the length.  I like to find dresses that I can wear to work and then other events for the evenings or weekends.  This dress, however, wouldn’t work for me in my office.  Here in the picture, you can see where the skirt falls on me – it’s a little too short.  This will be a great dress for someone that is a little shorter than me or who has shorter legs.   This is a great dress for the fall – the colors are perfect.  I may consider buying this one to wear with some tights and boots on the weekends.  The skirt of this dress is made of wool, so beware if you have sensitive skin. 

I was instantly drawn to this dress because of the ruffles and the plaid pattern.  This would be a great dress for work, church, dinner…just about anything.  The fabric is a little itchy, but it didn’t bother me that much.  The dress comes with a skinny belt, which I think goes perfect with it.  Unfortunately, this dress was also narrow around the hips.  I felt a little self conscious in it because it hugged my hips too much.  The top fit just right, but if I went up as size, the top would be too big.  This dress would be great on a petite sized woman.  This one is going to be a pass for me. 

Fashion Alert - Upcoming Sale!

FYI ladies...I got some really good news today.  I was in my store earlier today and a sales associate told me that they are having major markdowns on Tuesday (about 1000 pieces).  She told me that my Anthro store is opening at 9:00 am (an hour earlier than normal) to help with the sale.  I think I might have to go into work a little late that day  :)

Fresh Picks to Follow: Bows

Take a bow ladies - Happy Friday.  I am so looking forward to this weekend...I feel like I'm coming down with something, so I will be resting as much as possible.   My Fresh Picks post involves anything with pretty bows.  Bows are a fantastic fashion accessory that can take your blah clothes to something a lot more interesting.  Bows never really go out of fashion, although sometimes they do creep into current trends more than usual.  Here are a handful of my favorites with bows...enjoy!

1.  Gift boxes with bows 

2.  Anthropologie - River Bow Necklace  $38.00

3.  Banana Republic - Andrea Bow Tank  $45.00

4.  Anthropologie - Bowtied-Beauty Boots  $248.00

5.  Anthropologie - The Lady’s Apron  $32.00

6.  J. Crew - Knit Bow Ballet Slippers  $55.00

7.  The Limited - Woven Neck Bow Top  $24.99…was $34.90

8.  Anthropologie - Cascading Bow Dress $59.95…was $118.00

9.  Ann Taylor Loft - Pleated Bow Blouse  $39.99 was $49.00

10.  Anthropologie - Rose & Bows Sock  $12.00

One day I hope to post my Fresh Picks on time or at least on a Friday.   Have a great weekend!

Working on Columbus Day

Hi ladies!  Hope that you all had a wonderful holiday weekend.  Unfortunately, I am one of the many people who had to work today.  So, I figure that I would post my outfit of the day for you all to view.  My outfit was kind of boring today, but my belt from Anthropologie really did make the outfit more interesting.  The Cylindrical Braid Belt is my favorite accessory piece that I’ve bought from Anthro so far.  I have the black one right now, but I hope to get a couple of other colors, like the brown and the coral.  The belt is stretchy and very versatile.  This belt would be a perfect addition to anybody’s wardrobe.    

Anthropologie Cylindrical Braid Belt $34.00 (see here)
White Button Down Shirt (old) Ann Taylor Loft
Plaid Skirt (old) Banana Republic
Open Toe Wedges (old) Nine West Outlet

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