miscellany monday

happy monday everyone – i’ve added my random ramblings to carissa’s miscellany monday party!  check out carissa’s blog here and join in on the fun. 

{one} anthropologie tag sale – part 2?  did you buy anything at the tag sale last week?  i was able to make it to the store the day on the sale after all and i got everything that i wanted.  i’m curious to see if the store is going to markdown any more items.  fingers crossed!  

{two} the bachelorette.  so a few months ago i wrote  about abc’s the bachelor, brad womack, and some of the girls in the finale.  well if you didn’t know this already, abc brought back miss ashley h. to prime time for her chance to find love again on her own show – the bachelorette.  the season premiere aired tonight with 25 really good looking men vying for ashley’s attention.  i think that she’s going to have a real tough job over the next several weeks finding “the one.”  ashley is super lucky to travel to some amazing countries too – i’m looking forward to see the footage in hong kong, thailand, fiji.

{three} running.  my co-worker and i ran 3 ½ miles today after work today.  we are gearing up for another 5k on memorial day.  i’ve been a running fool lately, but this florida heat may change things a bit.

{four} oprah.  i just got finished watching part one of the surprise oprah - farewell spectacular.  did you watch it? her team did an amazing job so far.  i really enjoyed beyonce and rascal flats’ performances.  oprah is truly an amazing woman – it’s kinda hard to believe that she won’t be on the air everyday.  she’s been in our lives for 25 years and she is an inspiration for so many people.  she’ll be missed more than she can ever know.  what do you guys think about oprah retiring?

{five} tornadoes and floods.  as you know, the midwest and southern states have been hit hard by harsh weather over the few weeks.  tornados have destroyed parts of alabama, kansas and most recently, missouri.  and of course we know that the mississippi river is close to flooding parts of louisiana.  if you want to help out by volunteering or making a donation to those in need in the affected areas, please check out these links to the red cross and the humane society. 

OXOX Natasha


  1. Nothing foolish about running - I'm still stuck on the treadmill because running outdoors is soooo much harder. You go!

    Oh don't go Oprah - I used to watch her show everyday after I got home from school. Like during the days when Tom Cruise used to be considered hot and not "creepy Scientology couch-jumping guy."

  2. Thanks Lisa - I'll probably start running the treadmill soon. The heat is a little ridiculous!

  3. I loved Oprah's goodbye - thought it was so well worded and genuine. Loved reading this post :)


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