miscellany monday

happy monday everyone – i’ve added my random ramblings to carissa’s miscellany monday party!  check out carissa’s blog here and join in on the fun. 

{one} gelato.  i’m a big fan of this gelato and sorbetto brand named talenti.  i never heard of this brand before and I certainly didn't see it in the store until it went on sale last week.  if you love ice cream and sherbet like i do, you’re going to love this brand.  check out their website here for more info and store locations.  my favorites so far are mediterranean mint gelato, cappuccino gelato, and blood orange sorbetto.  they are all so good - you won't be disappointed!

{two} running injury.  ever since my half marathon i haven’t been running as much because i pulled a muscle a week before my run.  i either strained or tore my medial collateral ligament on my knee.  this particular injury to the ligament is on the inner part of my knee. according to webmd, this ligament apparently keeps the shin bone (tibia) in place.  i'm pretty bummed that i injured my knee because it really hurts.  it also affects everything that I do…even sitting in a chair with my legs crossed.  i really hope that my leg heals soon, i miss running and my bootcamp classes at the gym. have any of you had running injury like this before?

{three} amc fear fest.  i don’t know about you all, but i love watching scary movies.  i know that there are plenty of people out there that don’t like to watch them.  i usually laugh at the super gory ones that look fake.  however, the movies that are full of suspense and have a realistic storyline, usually scare the crap out of me.   i’m currently watching the hills have eyes (2006) and i’ve jumped at least 20 times so far.   crazy  i know.  amc tv has a great line up of the classics like the omen and my personal childhood favorite, poltergeist.  the fear fest special is running from oct. 16 until oct. 31.

xoxo Natasha

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