Extreme Nail Trends

Earlier this week, I watched Good Morning America while I got for work when a story about extreme nails caught my attention.  I realized that I must have slithered under a rock over the past few months because I’ve been missing out on some of the cutting edge techniques offered throughout nail salons across the country. Some of you may have already heard about these trends, but I wanted to share them with all of you just in case you’ve missed them.

Snakeskin Nails. Creator, Terri Silacci, was inspired to try something new when one of her children brought home a piece of snakeskin from science class.  “One snake’s trash is a toenail’s treasure,” Silacci said of the new technique in a interview.  Silacci brushes on Bio Sculpture Gel, which is a long-lasting colored nail gel, and then hand cuts the snakeskin to fit each client’s nails. She places the custom-cut piece of snakeskin on the nail, and then adheres it by layering on another coat of the gel. This slithering service can cost you anywhere from $150.00 to $300.00 depending on the manicurist.  And if you think that you can run in during your lunch break to get this snakeskin manicure, think again.  The whole process can take up to 2 hours to complete.  The look is pretty stunning, but I personally wouldn’t spend my money on this manicure.

Feather Nails. Another fabulous trend in the manicure chair is the feather manicure, which features feathers from birds like guinea fowl and pheasants.  This nail style adds some texture to the nail for a dramatic look.  The exotic patterns and colors in each feather really stand out on any nail color. You can achieve this trend at home by painting your nails like normal and placing a feather on top with a pair of tweezers.  Trim any excess feather that passes the nail and apply a clear topcoat polish to secure the feather.  This is an easy DIY trend that I may try over the holiday break.  I’ll let you all know if I decide to do it.  Also, check out a great picture of the final results and Jennifer's step-by-step DIY over at Fab Fatale.

Missoni Nails.  This last trend was inspired by the high-end Italian clothing line that made zig-zags an art form.  The Missoni design became a household name through the recent collection at Target.  The Missoni nail design allows women to select two or three nail colors and then the manicurist creates a one-of-a-kind look. 

What do you think about these trends? Do you think that you would ever apply snakeskin or feathers to your nails?

xoxo Natasha


  1. hi, how are you? do you mind using another pic for the feather manicure? that one is under copyright. thank you! love the post, btw.

    1. Absolutely Jennifer...thanks for checking out my site.


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