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Office Chic No. 3: Pencil Skirts

I started this series a few months ago and nearly abandoned it, but I want to pick up where I left off with my office essentials.  Next on my list of must-haves for the office are pencil skirts.  Pencil skirts are a classic staple that can transition through every season.  These days you can find them in different fabrics, textures, colors, prints and sometimes-even lengths.  Here are 5 great ways to incorporate the pencil skirt into your weekly fashion regimen.

1. Abstract Art and Prints
I love wearing a traditional solid pencil skirt, but I love them even more when the skirt has a graphic or a beautiful print on it.  A printed pencil skirt will grab the attention of just about anyone.  To achieve an office chic look, I would look for a skirt with a large print that makes a bold statement. Adding a neutral blouse and minimal accessories to the look will allow this pencil skirt to be the focal point it was intended be.

2. Pop of Color
The styling possibilities are endless when you pick a solid colored pencil skirt.  Every season there is a new color palette with amazing bold colors that is sure to be a showstopper if it’s styled correctly.  To achieve an office chic look, I would find a color that compliments your skin tone and add a white t-shirt or white button down shirt.  The key here is to find a top that is neutral enough to allow the skirt to shine.

3. Varying Lengths
You can find pencil skirts in varying lengths anywhere from below the knee to the middle of the calf muscle.  These pencil skirts is also known as the midi-pencil skirt, which is a longer version of the traditional pencil skirt.  The longer lengths of the pencil skirt looks great on everyone, but you have to find the right one to avoid looking disproportioned.  To achieve an office chic look, find a midi-pencil skirt with vertical stripes or color blocking with darker colors on top.  I also think that if you decide to wear a longer version of the pencil skirt, then pair it with a pair of pumps or boots with a heel to create the illusion of height.

4. Texture
If you’ve already figured out that you love wearing pencil skirts, then try to play up your look by experimenting with textures. There are some fantastic fabrics and textures slated for the fall season like tweed, wool, leather, corduroy, velvet, snakeskin, brocade, lace, fur and sweater knits.  You can find the right pencil skirt for you no matter what time of year it is.  If your looking for pencil skirts in a warmer climate, look for skirts with breathable fabrics and a little texture, like linen, seersucker, piqué and crochet. To achieve an office chic look, try a little texture mixing. For example, this fall you can pair a tweed or wool blazer with a leather pencil skirt or a chunky knit sweater with a corduroy pencil skirt.

5.  Glitz and Glamour
Sequins in the office don’t work together, right?  Well, there was probably a time when many people would say absolutely not, but today I think some of those same people would say, wrong.  I love the look and feel of a sequin or a beaded embellished pencil skirt.  I personally don’t own either, but it’s next on my list of things to buy.  An embellished pencil skirt is a great investment piece that’s a perfect look from day to night.  To achieve an office chic look, pair the skirt with a tank top or a sweater and add a blazer to complete to look.  For an edgier office look, pair the skirt with a sheer button down shirt and tank top.  Avoid adding fishnet stockings or patterned tights, extremely thick sweaters, and bulky shoes to this skirt because the embellishments makes a statement all by itself.  

Pencil Skirts

xoxo Natasha

Office Chic No. 2: Blouses that Work

My favorite blouse is one that is feminine, ladylike and versatile.  The right blouse can dress up a pair of jeans or create a conservative work look when paired with the right pair of trousers or pencil skirt. Women’s blouses come in so many different designs and styles, but the key to finding the right one is finding one that compliments your body type.  One blouse in particular that is a basic must-have for any working wardrobe is a white button-down shirt.  Nothing looks more confident than a crisp white button-down shirt underneath a structured blazer.  That’s just one option, but these days you don’t have to wear the traditional collared shirt under a suit or blazer.  You can mix it up to express your personality and find a blouse with a twist on a classic.  Whether you find a blouse with a ruffled collar, a blouse with no collar but a new neckline or a blouse with a bow tie like the ones below, your work wardrobe additions will create a more timeless and fashion forward look for the office.  What’s your favorite blouse in your closet?  How do you wear it to work?  Let me know.
The Blouse

xoxo Moody Girl

Office Chic No. 1: The Perfect Blazer

One of my must haves for the basic wardrobe essentials for any office environment is the perfect blazer.   A versatile, well-made blazer is an easy way to dress up any outfit and create a more polished look.  Blazers are always available in a variety of styles, colors and fabrics and they can be used through out the year.  As I’ve mentioned before, I wear a lot of suits to work, but there are some days when I don’t want to have the same look as my colleagues.  For an alternative look, I like to break up the suit and create new outfits.  One of my favorite options is pairing a bold, colorful blazer with a pair of suiting pants or a skirt.  And when I can’t think of anything to wear, I always grab a blazer to change the look of my outfit.  A perfect blazer can take you from day to night if it’s paired with the right accessories like a statement necklace or a colorful scarf.  I also think that every wardrobe should have a basic black blazer.  I recommend finding a classic style that flatters your shape. A black blazer can take you anywhere you want to go and it will never go out of style.   So ladies, go out and find a well-tailored blazer for the perfect office chic look.  Do you have a favorite blazer in your closet?  Let me know. 

The Perfect Blazer

Juicy Couture cotton jacket
£175 -

Rag bone neon jacket
$450 -

J Crew wool jacket
$350 -

xoxo Natasha

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