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{one}halloween. i hope that everyone had a happy halloween yesterday.  i didn’t dress up yesterday but i dress up for a party on saturday.  did you guys dress up?  if so, describe your costume.  i was a tiger…well a lazy tiger.  i say lazy tiger because i wore all black and put on some tiger ears and a tiger tail.  i drew on some whiskers on my face and heavy eye make-up.  i thought i looked pretty cute.  i had to work yesterday so i missed all of the little trick or treaters L i really would have liked to  see some of the kids’ great costumes.

{twothe holidays already?  i was in target on friday looking for a halloween costume and i noticed that some christmas decorations are already up.  i was so focused on halloween - it was kind of weird to see a few christmas trees and various trimmings.  i can’t wait until the holiday season starts – i actually love it.  however, i do work retail so the holiday hours are not fun

{threegossip girl.  i don’t know what it is about this show, but it’s one of my favorite shows out there right now.  are there any other gossip fans out there?  let me know your favorite episode and who’s your favorite character.  my favorite episode is “last tango, then paris" and i really like blair.  even though some may say that blair is a little annoying and even pretentious,  she has a lot of style and spunk.   today’s episode was pretty predictable – of course we all knew they would get back eventually. 

{fourfeatured artist: robyn.  if you watched gossip girl, then you heard robyn’s song…“hang with me.”  what did you think? if you didn’t watch the show, then  check out her video here it’s a pretty good song….i love it when tv shows feature new artists.  she also sings “dancing on my own”…which is also another good song.  some of you may remember this swedish artist when she sang “show me love” in the early 90s.   

{fivenew camera.  i really want to buy a new camera…either a nikon d3000 or a canon rebel eos.  i just have to save up a little bit more money to buy one of these lovelies.  i’m hoping to get one of them over the holidays, but that means i’ll have to slow down my shopping sprees at anthropologie.  i also have to do some research about both of these cameras – which one is the better camera?  once i do my research, i’ll share with you all.
{sixanthropologie sale.  so even though i just previously wrote that i needed to slow down with my anthro shopping, i’m curious to see what’s going to be on sale tomorrow.  i’m limiting myself to only one item tomorrow….let’s see how that goes.

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happy monday ladies – here are my random ramblings for today.  check out carissa’s blog below and join in on the fun.

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  1. I don't know if you've decided on which camera you like best/which is better in your opinion, BUT I will say, I went through this decision a few months ago- I wasn't sure if I wanted the Nikon D5000 or the Cannon EOS. I went with the Nikon and I'm very pleased. It's a great camera. IMO- and judging from what others say as well- it's a great first timer's SLR. It's not SO basic that you can outgrow it quickly- but it's not hard to become familiar with and learn the features.

    The Nikon D3000 is similar to the one I bought. Hope this helps :-)


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