Oh Boy…Another Great Sale!

Well ladies…I must say that today’s sale did not disappoint.  Anthro is making it really hard for me to stay away this week.  It’s especially hard when you don’t have any will power.  I didn’t have a chance to post earlier about the sale, but you can check out Roxy’s blog over at Effortless Anthropologie to see everything that got marked down today.  Roxy’s followers also help each other out with hard to find items…it’s a great tool!  If I change my mind and decide to buy something, I’ll let you all know!  Happy Shopping!


  1. Hi Natasha,

    This sale got me. Too much Anthro goodness to pass up. Found you on Mandy's Adoring Anthropologie Blog List. And isn't Roxy Sale Post the most wonderful thing. It's the first Anthro Blog I found. Within months I was completely drawn right into the Anthro Blogging Community.

    Anthro Closet Chaos

  2. Hi Laura...thanks for joining. This sale got me too. As much as I tried to resist, I ordered a few things online on Friday. Thanks for joining my blog. I'm always excited when I have a new follower. And I agree Roxy's sale post is the best thing for any Anthro lover.


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