DIY: Diaper Cake

Hi everyone…I hope that you are having a great week so far.  I mentioned earlier this week that I would post some instructions on how to make a diaper cake.  Unfortunately, I don’t have step by step pictures, but hopefully you'll find these instructions to be informative.  Below is a list of all of the ingredients that you will need to create a diaper cake.  


60 Diapers: (depends on how big the cake is) I used one package of stage 2 diapers (the smaller the diaper, the more diapers you will need for the cake). You can use either white or patterned diapers.
• Ribbons: ½ or 1 inch wide and ¼ inch wide (any width is fine), patterned to fit the baby shower theme i.e. pastel blue or pink.
• 36-60 Small Rubber Bands (depending on how you want to “build” the cake)
• 1 Package of Large Rubber Bands
• 1 Roll of Double Sided Tape
• Scissors
• 2 Baby Bottles (8-oz.)
• A Large Piece of Cardboard or A Large Plastic Cake Platter
• Cake Decorations: artificial flowers, pacifiers, wash cloths, baby hygiene products, toys or any baby items that could fit on the cake. 


Step One: Roll Up Diapers

Take all of the diapers out of the package and roll each diaper up tightly, tucking in the tab design.  After you roll a diaper, then place a rubber band in the center. When finished, each diaper should look like a rolled up diploma.

Step Two: Prepare the Base

Cut out a circle or a rectangle from a cardboard box.  The cut out should be large enough to place your baby diaper cake on. Wrap it with paper or tin foil.  Or you can use a plastic cake platter or serving platter.  Securely tape both of the baby bottles together placing one on top of the other and remove the bottle cover and nipple.  Then secure the bottom bottle to the middle of the cardboard box or cake plate. 

Step Three:  Assemble the Bottom Layer of the Cake

Take a large rubber band around the baby bottle and gather a few of the rolled up diapers and stand up long ways, going around the baby bottle.  Gather more diapers and assemble the diapers around the first ring and secure the ring with a large rubber band.  This completes the second ring.  For the outer ring, gather a few more diapers and go around one last time and secure with a large rubber band.  This completes the third ring and the bottom layer of the cake.  Take the ribbon and go all the way around the entire layer.  Make sure the ribbon covers the rubber bands. Cut ribbon long enough to go around the bottom layer of the cake.  I used two types of ribbons because I couldn’t find a ribbon that said it’s a boy.

Step Four: Assemble the Top Layer of the Cake

To assemble the top layer place the diapers on top of the bottom layer.  For the first ring of the top layer, gather a few diapers and place them around the baby bottle.  Secure the first ring with a large rubber band. For the second ring, gather a few diapers around the first ring.  Secure the second with a large rubber band.  The top layer has only two rings. Gather ribbon around the entire top layer, making sure to cover the rubber bands. Cut the ribbon long enough to go around the top layer of the cake.

Step Five: Decorate Cake
Tuck flowers, pacifiers, wash cloths, baby hygiene products, and toys between the layers.  Secure the items with double sided tape.  Place some flowers inside the opening of the baby bottle and cover any spaces of the bottle with flowers.

Here are some pictures of two diaper cakes that I made recently: 

I hope that was helpful.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
OXOX Natasha


  1. I love your flower diaper cake. I would of never thought about putting the flowers on top of the cake.

  2. Thanks! I saw a picture of one with flowers on it and I was inspired.


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