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Knitting: A Purple Scarf

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I would post a few pictures of the scarf that I knitted for my sister.  I was a little slow with finishing it.  I’m very hopeful that she’ll be able to get a lot of use out of it next year.  Sorry sis that it took so long, but you’ll have something to look forward to next winter.   Yeah! Don't you just love the color?...the purple really pops.  If you want information about the type of yarn that I used or the pattern details, please comment below or send me an email at

miscellany monday

happy monday ladies – i’ve added my random ramblings to carissa’s miscellany monday party!  check out carissa’s blog here and join in on the fun. 

{one} super bowl. i love football! and i was super excited that the green bay packers won the title.  did you know that they haven’t won since brett farve was the quarterback in 1997? although i really love football, i really enjoy watching the commercials during the super bowl.  it must be my marketing background that plays a huge part in that.  did any of you have any favorite commercials? let me know.  i have 2 favorites: i thought the doritos commercial "the best part" was hilarious, a little disturbing, but hilarious.  my other favorite commercial was the volkswagen “darth vader” spot…the little darth was really cute.  check them out below courtesy of youtube videos:

{two} my birthday. my birthday is this friday and i can’t wait to celebrate it.  i have always been a big kid about my birthday…i don’t know why, but i just have.  well, so far i have a dinner planned with some of my close friends at my favorite thai restaurant on friday night.  my boyfriend is coming down for the weekend and we’ll celebrate by birthday and valentine’s day.  i think that my mom and i are going to meet up for dinner on thursday.  i'll keep updating my birthday festivities as they come up.

{three} valentine’s day gift ideas.  i’ve already gotten my boyfriend a valentine’s day card, but i have no idea what to get him this year.  if you have any gift ideas, please send them my way. 

{four} knitting.  so in december i blogged that i would post pictures of my  completed knitting projects.  however, i had to take a little break from my knitting projects, so that’s why nothing has been posted yet.  i’m still working on the baby blanket btw…i know it’s taking a while.  i finished my sister’s scarf recently…yeah…so much for giving it to her for christmas.  i will post a picture of the scarf later this week. 

miscellany monday

happy monday everyone – i realized today that i haven’t had a miscellany monday post in a while.  so, i’ve added my random ramblings to carissa’s miscellany monday party!  check out carissa’s blog here and join in on the fun. 

{one} the bachelor. i never really liked watching the bachelor on abc, but there is something about this season.  the guy (brad) is hot and the girls are wackier than ever.  i love it.  are any of you ladies watching it?  what do you think about this season?

{two} running. i haven’t been running as often as i should, but today my co-worker and i went out for a quick 3 mile run.  it was the first time that i went out for a run in a couple of weeks.  one of my new year’s resolutions is to run another half marathon later this year and improve my time dramatically.  i signed up for my first half-marathon last february and my time was horrible.  my only goal last year was just to finish the race and not pass out.   this year my goal is still to finish but have a better running time.  i don’t know which race i’m going to do this year, but i’ll let everyone know soon.

{three} weekend.  this weekend was amazing.  i had the opportunity to spend a fun filled weekend with my family and friends.  my weekends have been the only thing getting me going through me through the stress of my job over the last month. 

{four} knitting.  so i haven’t been able to finish my knitting projects yet, but i hope to do so real soon.   i promise that when i finish one of them, i’ll definitely post some pictures.

DIY: Knitting 101

I taught myself to knit in 2005 with the help of a couple knitting books and online videos.  I decided that I wanted to expand my blog and share my needlework with all of you.   I thought that this would be a fun way to let people know what I’m working on.  I enjoy using all sorts of knitting and sewing tools, patterns, and yarns.  I also enjoy the process of creating handmade items that create style, comfort, and warmth for both the home and individuals.

Unfortunately, I only know how to make scarves and baby blankets.  I currently consider myself a knitting novice.  Even though I started this hobby a few years ago, I stopped knitting for about 3 years when I went to graduate school.  I have started many projects, but I haven’t finished them.  My hope is to learn more difficult knitting techniques and finish the projects that I previously started.  I also hope to inspire other women to start a new craft.  I plan on letting you all know about some of the projects that I’m working on and then post my finished projects for you all to see.

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I was knitting a scarf for my sister as one of her Christmas presents.  However, I didn’t get it finished in time.  In fact, I’m kind of still working on it.  I’m using my last ball of yarn, so I should be able to post the finished product real soon.  In the meantime, here is a picture of what it’s supposed to look like.

Please check out the “Do It Yourself” page for video links if you are interested in learning how to knit.

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