Moody Style: A New Challenge

Hiya ladies! Lately, I’ve been thinking about the amount of clothes that I have in closet and dresser drawers.  And frankly I’m pretty appalled.  My wardrobe has gotten a little ridiculous and out of control over the last several years.  I have way too many clothes that I don’t have enough room to store them.  And to top it off, some of the pieces still have the tags on them.  So, I decided the other day while I was stuffing some clothes in my closet that I need take a shopping break for a little while.  I need to focus on wearing the clothes that I have and figure out what clothes I don’t need.  So, over the next couple of months I will be wearing some new and some very old pieces from my wardrobe.  I would love to do the 30 for 30 challenge, but I have to wear suits to work most of the time, so the challenge wouldn’t work for me.  So I came up with my own challenge.  I will wear all of the clothes that I own before I am able to buy myself any more new clothing.  Hopefully, I can stick to it…fingers crossed J 

One thing I would like to accomplish is to clean up my closet and get rid of some of my older pieces.  I have some clothes that I haven’t worn in a few years and I need to figure out if I can incorporate them in my rotation or just give them up completely.  Every now and then, I will be asking you all for your help on whether I should keep or toss an item.  So, let me know what you think.  How often do you go through your wardrobe to reevaluate items? 

{Dress: H&M Sweater Dress (2010);
Scarf: Coach Op Art Scarf; Earrings: Pearls (gifted);
Tights: Anthropologie Herringbone Tights (available here);
Shoes: Nine West Mary Jane Heels}

miscellany monday

happy monday everyone – i haven’t done one of these in a while, so here it is.  i’ve added my random ramblings to carissa’s miscellany monday party!  check out carissa’s blog here and join in on the fun. 

{one} golden globes.  did any of you watch the golden globes last night? i watched most of it, but i missed the first hour and the red carpet pre-show.  i did have a few favorites from last night and there were a handful that i think really missed the mark.  did you have any favorites? which actress/actor made your best and worst list?

best (3)

rachel evan woods

(photo credit: danny moloshok - reuters)

kate beckinsale

(photo credit: frazer harrison – getty images)

sofia vergara

(photo credit: chris pizzello – ap)

worst (3)

amanda peet

(photo credit: jason merritt – getty images)

jessica biel

(photo credit: matt sayles – ap)

naya rivera

(photo credit: steve granitz –

{two} race recap.  i ran in a 10k race on saturday and i must say that i’m pretty pleased with my stats for my first race of the new year.  my plan was to finish the race under one hour since i just started training again. i’m not sure where i finished overall in the race because the race officials split the results between men and women.  there were 611 total race finishers and 318 female finishers.   i came in 17th in my age group and i placed overall at 106th among all the female finishers.  my official chip time was 59:16. 

(photo credit: getty images)
{three} mlk day.  unfortunately, i didn’t do anything to celebrate martin luther king day.  i would have liked to go to a parade or some type of organized celebration that recognized the this wonderful, but i was feeling under the weather.  i didn’t leave the house all day, but i watched this amazing video here and thought i would share it with all of you.  it’s a video tribute reflecting on the memories dr. martin luther king by former civil rights leaders, famous writers and politicians.       

{four} sewing lessons.  i’m very excited because i just signed up for a 6 week sewing class at a local university.  i’m really looking forward to learning how to sew and possibly creating my own designs in the near future.  i’ll definitely share with all of you some of the projects that i complete.

xoxo Moody Girl
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