Moody Style: A New Challenge

Hiya ladies! Lately, I’ve been thinking about the amount of clothes that I have in closet and dresser drawers.  And frankly I’m pretty appalled.  My wardrobe has gotten a little ridiculous and out of control over the last several years.  I have way too many clothes that I don’t have enough room to store them.  And to top it off, some of the pieces still have the tags on them.  So, I decided the other day while I was stuffing some clothes in my closet that I need take a shopping break for a little while.  I need to focus on wearing the clothes that I have and figure out what clothes I don’t need.  So, over the next couple of months I will be wearing some new and some very old pieces from my wardrobe.  I would love to do the 30 for 30 challenge, but I have to wear suits to work most of the time, so the challenge wouldn’t work for me.  So I came up with my own challenge.  I will wear all of the clothes that I own before I am able to buy myself any more new clothing.  Hopefully, I can stick to it…fingers crossed J 

One thing I would like to accomplish is to clean up my closet and get rid of some of my older pieces.  I have some clothes that I haven’t worn in a few years and I need to figure out if I can incorporate them in my rotation or just give them up completely.  Every now and then, I will be asking you all for your help on whether I should keep or toss an item.  So, let me know what you think.  How often do you go through your wardrobe to reevaluate items? 

{Dress: H&M Sweater Dress (2010);
Scarf: Coach Op Art Scarf; Earrings: Pearls (gifted);
Tights: Anthropologie Herringbone Tights (available here);
Shoes: Nine West Mary Jane Heels}


  1. I have been thinking about doing the same thing. I don't wear HALF of what is in my closet. I can't wait to see all your looks! :)

  2. Great idea! What a fun challenge:)


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