Feeling Frumpy?

I just came back from a quick work trip to Miami and I definitely didn’t want to leave.  Especially since I had to work about 80% of my time there and the weather is getting cooler by the hour.  I was able to take out time some time to go for a run on the beach and eat dinner at some amazing restaurants.  I always enjoy my time in Miami because of the beach, the weather and all of the wonderful people watching that I get to do.  One of the things that I noticed every time I go to Miami is all of the fashionable locals.  You can definitely spot them out in the crowd versus the every day tourist.  On my last night in the city, I went out to dinner at Nobu, a Japanese cuisine restaurant, on Collins Avenue.  They had the most amazing sushi I’ve ever had in my life – but that’s a whole other story for another day. I just wore a pair of jeans and a polka dot short-sleeve sweater from Old Navy (as seen here) and a pair of black heels.  I was pretty happy with my ensemble until I got to the restaurant. While I waited for my food, I noticed that most of the women in the restaurant were wearing either a dress or leggings/skinny jeans and some type a slinky tank top. Each woman looked like they were ready for a night out at a trendy new nightclub on a Tuesday night.  Maybe, I’m showing my age, but I definitely felt frumpy that night.  Even though I packed a variety of clothes for my trip, I felt like I picked out the wrong outfit.  So the next day, I wore an outfit that I thought would have been perfect for my previous night out on the town.  Unfortunately, no one really saw my outfit since I was leaving.  Do any of you buy new clothing to adapt to the area that you are visiting when it comes to style/fashion? Or do you wear clothing that makes you comfortable?  Let me know in the comments.

Shirt: Express (old); Jeans: J.Crew Toothpick Jeans; 
Earrings: Pearls (old); Necklace: Coach Sterling Rondells Pendant Necklace;
Handbag; Coach Poppy Groovy Crossbody; Shoes: Nine West (old)


  1. I can relate. I used to travel quite a bit for my last job and I would often find myself feeling 'out of place' or a little bit awkward. I always tried to pack light, but then never had the elements to put together outfits I wanted to wear. I never quite got the packing thing down. I love the outfit you featured here - nothing frumpy about it!!!

  2. Thanks Kristin!...I think that I've finally gotten my packing down to a science.


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